Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Visit with Santa Claus!!

So we had a fabulous memorial day weekend. We had the missionaries over for dinner on Saterday (we had meat braid, thank you dad) then sunday I actually got to sit through all of my meetings because Karielle was being such a big girl!! That is the first time I was able to make it through all my meetings since she was born. I was so excited!!! :D Then on monday we decided to go to the Santa House in North Pole. And at first she was scared of Santa (yes, the only place in the WORLD where you can see Santa in May ha ha!!) And she went out on the swings behind our house. Here are a few pictures of our memorial day adventures. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Those are SOOOO CUTE!! I love the summer santa shot!! It'd be even better if he was wearing a hawaii shirt!! haha, miss you guys loads! LOVE YOU