Sunday, February 7, 2010

One of THOSE days.

So you haven't heard much from me lately and here's why:
We've all been sick with a cold. Me the worst because I'm pregnant. So Tyler is going TDY to Alabama for the week, and since it's the military aka el cheapo, they put you on the crappiest flights available. I swear they do it just to drive us insane because they like to watch us like lab rats. ANYWHO, so Tyler's flight leaves at 1:05 a.m. sunday morning (today) so I had to get him there at 12, so we left here at 11. So I get back home, crawl my happy butt in bed about the same time his plane is taking off. Then at 2, Kari decides it's time to wake up. She's in her room talking to herself, her imaginary babies and puppies and even making firetruck noises. Now, I'm right next door to her, plus I can't sleep if she's making noise anyway, because I'm a paranoid momma. So I toss and turn listening to her play in her crib until about 7:40 a.m. (for those of you keeping track, yes, that is almost 6 hours for my baby girl being awake) then she starts frantically screaming. So this even more tired and frustrated momma drags my unhappy butt out of bed and go see what's wrong. She's HOT!! So I take her temp, 104 degrees. I try not to panick. I give her tylonal and motrin, then throw her in the bathtub trying to bring down her fever (she'd been fighting a fever for the past couple of days, but 104 was a high spike) so I get together stuff as quickly as I can. You know, milk, yogurt aka, her breakfast, then some toys, LOTS of kleenex and some snacky stuff (the ER always takes forever) so I put her in the car and we're on our way to the hospital, it's a half an hour drive. Now I don'tknow what it is about ERs, or maybe it's just Army hospitals, I don't know. But they always get something wrong. With Tyler, they told him they just had a buised chest when he actually had three broken ribs (and yes, they DID do an x-ray, I don't know what they were looking at) I have several other instances, but it doesn't matter. This time, even though I TOLD the guy I'd dressed her down, given her motrin and tylonal AND gave her a bath, HE wrote down that I'd done nothing. So when her temperature was only 101 something, he gave me the lecture about taking a rectal temperature. Um, hello? She's a toddler, it took TWO of us to keep her still for him to take the temperature. And so since her temperature wasn't "that bad" and he'd written down that I hadn't given her any meds, we had to wait an hour and a half. And oh yeah, the parking lot was empty, the waiting room was empty, I don't know what all those nurses were doing back there and why it took so dang freaking long. In the meantime, my poor little tired sick girl is quietly crying THE WHOLE TIME while they're doing only heaven's knows what. She's obviously miserable, you'd think they'd just take care of her. Kari doesn't complain about anything. She's happy in the morning, she's fine after a fall. It takes for her to be feeling HORRIBLE to get her to cry like this. Anyway, so they FINALLY bring us back. The nurse listens to her lungs and asks questions, then she realises that I DID give her meds, hence the reason why the fever is a little lower. So she leaves, comes back a little later, and wants to check for RSV (?) it's some sinus infection that a lot of kids have been passing around. So she shoves this tube up both Kari's nostrils, and suctions (hitting the sinus in one and causing her nose to bleed BTW) then she leaves. Poor Kari is freaking out. We wait another 20 min to half and hour and then a doctor comes in, she checks her lungs, heart, mouth and finally her ears. Oh hey, she's got an ear infection (shouldn't that have been the FIRST thing to check?) so she leaves, about 15 minutes later, nurse comes back in with medication and we can finally leave. By this time it's 11:30 (for those of you still keeping track, Kari has been awake for 9.5 hours) so I start the 30 minute drive home, she cries, falls asleep. We get home, I have to wake her up to get her out of the car and give her the meds. Then I put her to bed. By now she's franticly crying. So I try rocking her for a bit. Doesn't help. So I leave her in her room figuring she's so tired, she'll just fall asleep exausted. I eat. 45 minutes later, she's still screaming bloody murder. So I go back up, pull her our of her crib and try rocking her again. This time she is so tired, she falls asleep on me after about 20 minutes. So finally, finally, she's sleeping. And that has been my sunday so far. I need a nap.


  1. That is no fun at all. Hope she gets better soon. Ear infections were the most miserable part of my childhood. Blah! Loves to you all~

  2. I hope that she feels better and that you never have to go the emergency room again!