Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jillian is 10 months old!

So today Jillian is 10 months old! Crazy right? Does it seem like the time flew faster than it should have to any of you? It's amazing! So here are some stats;
She is 16.8 lbs, little compared to alot of babies but much bigger than Kari was at her age.
She is now officially too tall for 6-9 pants and sleepers, time to switch out clothes again *sigh*
She crawls like a pro
She is always pulling herself up on stuff and then letting go. She'll stand by herself for a few seconds before she falls on her bum.
She REALLY tries EVERY DAY to climb those stairs. Kari stands at the top and says, "come on Jill, you can do it!"
She will not eat baby food in any way, shape or form but she will eat anything that the rest of us are eating.
She has 8 teeth!!!!
Her favorite person is Kari, and the feeling is mutual.
She LOVES pasta, gold fish, ritz crackers, juice, nesquick chocolate milk, cherrios and puffs.
Her favorite thing to play with (besides Kari) is a clean diaper. Seriously.
She LOVES bath time.
She is our smily happy, giggly little girl!

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