Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

So there's not much new here, so I'll just give you pictures. Happy day everyone!

Run-away baby!!! She escaped me during a diaper change (hence the diaper butt)

Rub a dub, dub, fun in the tub.

For some reason the dishwasher is a thing of eternal entertainment for my little ones. Usually I can't do the dishes if they're up. Jill trys to stand up and usually ends up bonking her noggen on the corner of that door.

Cute baby!!

I got a new hair cut. I LOVE it. I have the best hair dresser ever!!

Jill standing up.

Jill in her adorable outfit that Auntie Tasha gave her

Matching outfits from grandma Haueter (they are pink, but they look red in that lighting)

I love it.

Best mugs ever! :D


  1. So, I totally read your "mugs" comment as "beer mugs" then proceded to look for them.. LOL Oh, this head ache must go away!!

  2. Aw, love the matching outfits! And of course the dishwasher is entertaining! They have to get all the joy out of it now so they can only have "boo" in them later when you ask them to help with dishes! I like your long hair. Cute!