Monday, December 27, 2010

Tyler's appointment, Christmas and Jill's 9 months

Okie dokie, this post will be all over the map;
Wednesday December 22 was the long awaited nuerology appointment. And it was a total fail. The guy is looking at the MRI as we walk by to the room, then comes in, does your basic exam stuff (stand on one foot, follow my finger, that kind of stuff) then tells us that the cyst is not causing any pressure therefore is not the problem. Then he asks us if we've been seeing a neurologist (?!!) We said, we thought that's what we were here for, and he says all snotty like, "No, I'm a neuroSURGEON, I only deal with things that require surgery, a nuerologist deals with all the other stuff that doesn't need surgery" So basically, we waited two and a half months for the WRONG doctor. And we sent that MRI down to him before he'd even let us get an appointment to "make sure we don't waste his time or yours" so if he actually looked at it (doubtful) then why didn't he call and say, the cyst isn't your problem, look elsewhere? Tyler has had to deal with this horrible pain and dizzyness for 4 months now, and it could have been taken care of by the time we all sat around on our butts waiting for the WRONG doctor to do absolutely nothing. Annoying.
Anyway, on to happier things, Christmas was great. Tyler got me some pearls, I love them. I feel so grown up. lol! Kari had a whole pile of presents, I think we went a little overboard. But Jill quite a few things too. lol! The kids woke up at about 8:30 and then we opened presents (which took forever because the kids kept getting distracted) by the time we'd opened everything, then got everything out of the packaging to throw all the garbage away and put together whatever needed "some assembly" it was about 12, an hour later we all went to this year's Christmas in Ice and had our picture taken with Mr and Mrs Claus (the REAL Santa) I told him he should take a nap and he says, "oh hoho! When?" :) Funny guy. We didn't really do Christmas dinner. We had home made chicken soup (yum) instead because with all the stress and stuff with Tyler's issues I didn't really feel like doing a big huge production.
The next day was Jillian's 9 month day. It's crazy to think that it's already been 9 months. Here are some things about Jill:
She has been sleeping through the night for almost a month (yay!!)
She will NOT take a bottle, she will steal Kari's sippy cup though and drink whatever is in it.
The ONLY baby food she will eat is sweet potatoes, everything else we feed her is big people food.
She thinks that she can walk, and ends up biffing it often because of that thought.
She'll pull herself up to her knees and then just sit there kneeling, I have never seen a baby do that, and both my mother and my mother-in-law agree with that observation.
Kari is her favorite person in the world
She finally loves baths
She get's knocked over or stepped on or whatever by Kari a lot (by accident usually) but she'll only cry about it if it really hurts. She's a tough kiddo
She did NOT like going out in the cold and being all bundled up, but she did like going down the ice slides with me.
She GROWLS for her food
She's growing like a weed and I love every second!!

In Santa's ice sleigh at Christmas in Ice (and yes, those are authentic Alaskan fashion fur hats, we're stylin')

Jill being not happy

But so cute

Kari opening presents

Our picture with the REAL Santa

Jill's growling "feed me" face

Kari's smile at grandma face

Kari and her bff Caroline

Jill on Christmas morning.

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