Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kid pics

Well hey, with all the gloom and doom that is currently my life I haven't been posting cute pictures of my cuter kiddos. Guess I should fix that huh? :D

Jill's first time actually liking her bath!!!!! :D

Proof that I'm behind in getting "baby" stuff put away. No she's not sleeping, just playing around.

Jill being cute.

So I was trying to get a cute picture of the girls in holiday dresses by the tree.....

At least one is smiling at me right?

Kari helping decorate the tree

Or rather, daddy helping Kari help decorate the tree. lol!

Jill is interested....

oooooo, shiny

Love this picture. The first thing Kari wants me to do in the morning is turn the tree on. They both play by it every day. It'll be sad when it has to come down.

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