Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tyler's cardiologist appointment

So here's what we learned today;
Tyler has a slow heart, and there is something that is weird with the electrical "wiring". It could be that his heart is a little bigger, it could be that the nerves that is connected to his brain are being "depressed" by the brain cyst, it could be that this particular nerve is hyperactive. Because Tyler is not fainting or having black out episodes, we have time to do more tests, which is what we're doing. Tyler got blood drawn for 5 different tests including cholesterol and thyroid. He has an echo (an ultrasound) appointment for his heart on monday, he will also be getting a heart moniter that he'll wear and record his activities for 24 hours so they can see just how low his heartbeat gets and also if his heart rate will actually get up to where it needs to be when he exercises. If there is anything alarming, they will call us in, if not we have a follow-up with the cardiologist on Jan. 14 When he's done with the heart moniter he is going to try a patch that is supposed to calm down the hyperactive nerve, so Tyler wearing it will let us know if that is the problem since he'll feel less dizzy, light-headed, ect. Until then we're just hanging out. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. We've been suprised with all the support we've been given. We love you all! Thanks again.

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