Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a chatty update

So what can I say? We're sitting around waiting for a call that may or may not come about Tyler's heart echo and monitor results. Christmas is ten days away and I am nowhere NEAR ready, and Kari is going to be heart broken when the tree comes down and the snow melts. She LOVES it. The snow, the lights, the tree, the "sparkles", the music, and especially the Nutcracker. We watch the Barbie Nutcracker pretty much every day and I've got a little wooden Nutcracker that has a music box in the base. She calls it "wonderful" and wants him to sing all the time. It's pretty much her best friend and she'll probably cry when it's time to put "wonderful" away. Is it just me that thinks that this particular holiday season has gone too fast? With all the worrying and tests, and doctors appointments that we've been having/waiting for it seems that I've focused very little on Christmas, which is very unlike me. I did finally get (most) of my cards out, and I'm just waiting on something in the mail to get to me so I can send the last thing out. It will probably be late, I'm just going to say that now. lol! This is the first year that I wasn't completely and totally done by now. I don't like the feeling and it's costing me an arm and leg in shipping since everything costs more/takes longer to ship from up here.
A little about my kiddos, Jill will be NINE months the day after Christmas!!! Seriously, NINE months. I don't know when she did it, but she's grown up. She's crawling all over the place, eats everything in sight (even things that are not food items) I have to sweep/vacume about twice a day because Kari leaves a mess that Jill trys to eat. Yuck. She also learned how to sit up by herself. It's actually pretty funny looking. And the other day she tried to stand up! I told her she's much too young to be trying to walk. Although, her being farther from the floor does have it's benifits........
Kari is such a little princess, but the nice kind, not the snobby kind. She's usually very helpful and adores her little sister. She's not really great at sharing right now though. She'll come up to Jill, take whatever she has that hasn't been designated as "baby's" and throw it behind her. Little booger. We're working on that one. I was working on a project the other day and she wanted to see it and feel it. Go figure, my two year old knows "velvet" and "mink" lol! I think she might be a little seamstress when she gets a little older. And she wants to be a ballerina. All I hear all day is her wanting to see the "pretty dancers" then she'll put her arms above her head and go around in circles (while saying 'cicle, cicle, cicle") So when she's three I'm going to put her in the local dance school. Kid could use some grace if you know what I'm saying. Poor thing definately takes after her momma. Klutz.
Anyway, I'll let you all know if something comes up about Tyler's heart. Until then I think I'm going to eat, drink (hot chocolate) and be merry. :P

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