Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Alrighty, I promised, and I deliver! ha ha! Okay, so here are some pictures for you. Enjoy!!

 My bottom heavy Christmas tree
 The reason why my tree is bottom heavy. ;)

Just kidding! This is my friend Rachel. She's due in about 2 weeks. Isn't she adorable? I took her maternity pictures, and when her little girl gets here, I'll be taking her newborn pictures too. I liked it so much, I might just have to start being an actual photographer. :)

 Seriously, one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies I've ever seen. I wish I was that cute when my belly's popped. lol! :D

 Kari all bundled up. :)
 Poor Jilly could barely move. lol! I called her my little abominable snow baby. :) 
 Ready for some ice slides!!
Okay honestly, I don't remember taking this picture........but that's Tyler and Kari getting ready to go down the medium slide. :)


  1. Your tree looks wonderful. It wouldn't be any fun if the kiddos didn't get to put something on the tree {or every ornament on the bottom half of the tree.}

    That slide you were talking about looks like a lot of fun. I think I would like the snow and cold.... for about a day. Then it would be time to come back to much warmer and no snow Washington. {wink wink}

    Hopefully you will be able to find a good path for Tyler to take. It's always fun figuring out the 'next' step in life. I'm sure you guys will make the right choice.

    The girls look cute. And don't think that posting pictures of pregnant woman don't let us know that you are thinking about another baby. I'm getting the 'I wanna baby' vibe... so.. we'll see when that post happens. {smile... wink wink.}


  2. LOL! Oh Joy, I've been wanting another baby for over a year now, but it won't be anytime in the super near future. However, I don't usually announce to the world until I'm pretty far along so maybe that would be how I tell everyone. ;) Love ya! Give me a call sometime huh?