Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick, easy Christmas gift

 Oh I'm so mad. I uploaded pictures, wrote out the whole blog, and then when I posted it, it kicked me out and the only thing it kept in the drafts was the title!! So I have to start again from scratch. Okay so a few months ago I picked up this chalboard menu vinyl set from www.pickyourplum.com I love that site, they have a new crafty deal everyday. But if you have a Silhouette or a Cricket, you can make the same thing. I bought 6 of them I think, because I was going to use them for Christmas gifts then decided to go in a different direction. Anyway so I had the vinyl, the 11x14 frame that I'd picked up for dirt cheap at Michael's, and the fabric from my stash and today in between laundry loads I decided to just put it together.

So first I took two of the main chalkboard pieces (if you're making your own, you can make yours bigger) and cut off one end of each so it could lay down evenly. Prepare your surface.
Then add your chalkboard vinyl
 Then I added the 'menu' word on top and cut apart each day letter so I could figure out where they were going.
 For the background, I just cut around the back board of the frame. Since I know I'll probably end up changing out the fabric I only used a glue stick, but you could mod podge yours.

Ta-da! A super cute and functional chalkboard menu. Maybe now the hubby will stop asking me "what's for dinner?" This would make a really cute simple gift for someone. :)


  1. I made a similar one, but instead of using chalkboard stuff, I just use a dry erase marker on the glass. It come off really well and is easy to write with. =) I just created a table thingy on Excel that has sections for each day and printed it on scrapbook paper =)

  2. Hey now! That's smart! :) I still like mine but yours would definitely be less expensive (not that mine cost a lot but yours would cost even less.) :) WTG Myaela.