Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode to Melaleuca

Okay, so I was practically raised on the stuff. Then when we got married, we were poor newly weds and we couldn't barely afford food, let alone a monthly shipment of Melaleuca. And I fall into the routine of stuff that doesn't work as well, but I get used to it. Anyway, so mom was up here last year when I had Jill. And I signed up under her, but not as a business type thing, I just want the products. And holy moley, I don't know how I survived almost 4 years without it. My dishes didn't have spots anymore regardless of what fancy, expensive no spot formula dish cleaner I'd been using, my laundry stopped getting greyish, not to mention all those food stains from kid number 1, my floors were clean, my bathrooms sparkled and I didn't have to have a heart attack whenever one of my darling children gets under the sink and tries to eat everything (JILL). I see it so differently now that it's me paying for it, me doing all the laundry and cleaning and me worrying over chemicals and such. Pre-spot though, I think is my favorite. It takes out the daily messes like chocolate milk, juice, spaghetti sauce, ect. Plus it got out the impossible stuff. (Remember the fruit snack vomit MaryAnn?) Anyway, last Easter remember Kari eating the blue dye? Yeah that was fun. I didn't have faith in Melaleuca, and I put a ton of pre-spot on it, in addition to bleach. Yeah, when that thing came out, all the blue dye was gone, but the bleach had also taken the pink out of the little rosettes on the dress. Because I hadn't had faith in the product, the dress was ruined anyway. I bought her a new one. Well last night, I wasn't going to make the same mistake so when I opened the dryer last night and saw pink splotched/spots all over the ENTIRE load. I'm not gonna lie, I about had a heart attack, but then I pulled the whole thing out on the floor and sat there for an hour spraying every single spot, when I'd gotten to the bottom of the pile, I finally figured out what had happened. It seems a certain "someone" had forgotten about one of those single serve juice packets in his pocket. It had been washed with the clothes, then in the dryer had exploded due to the heat. So I'm sitting there shaking my head adding up replacement costs in my head, most of it was Air Force uniform stuff. It's not cheap. And praying that Melaleuca would pull a miracle for me once again since the stuff had been cooked in because of the dryer. The next morning, I open up the washer and behold!!! Not a single speck of pink in sight. I was so grateful. I already loved Melaleuca, but that just cinches my "never buy another brand" resolve. Anyway, just wanted to share.

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