Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tyler trying to steal my camera! And why he can't.

So DH moved over to the defense side of military law today. He came home and asked me if I saw any horns growing yet. lol!! You know, since he's gone to the dark side and his whole job will be trying to help people who've done varying degrees of "bad" things get out of trouble (i.e. illegal, in-ethical, inappropriate behavior, disgracing the military, the President and the US of A) :P I asked him if it would bother him to be defending people like in one of our recent cases who raped his 7 month along pregnant wife. He was pretty vague on the answer. I know he's excited to see things from the other side, but he wants justice and bad people to go away just as much as the next guy so I think he might be a bit conflicted, especially if it's one of his friends that he has to help out. Can you say AWK-ward! Anyway, this isn't really about all that, this is more about Tyler wanting to take MY gorgeous Nikon D3100 to work with him to take evidence pictures during the day. I said NO. He can take the snapshot one, but not my baby, or else I couldn't take pictures like THESE:
I am so happy she's back into tutus :D
Look at that form! Little Jillian has her toes pointed. Born dancers I tell you. ;)
I love how much fun they're having.
Looking at the ballerinas on the t.v for inspiration.

Jill doing her Princess Kate wave. lol!
Apparently the cupboards are fun again. And I absolutely adore her expression.

Here's a shot of both of them. Love it!

Now wouldn't it have been sad if Tyler had had my camera and I wasn't able to get these shots? Yeah, I thought you'd all say that. :D


  1. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. Wowsers! Time goes so fast! And they are so adorable too!

  2. You know, I was JUST thinking that about your kids!! We sure miss seeing all your cute faces around. Maybe someday we'll run into each other again. :D

  3. Those pictures look great! Hopefully you two can share your camera...{smile}... but it looks like you all are doing well. Keep it up.