Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So I know this is super early but.....

Eeep! I'm excited. So I know that most of you are going to think this is weird, but I start thinking about Christmas presents WAAAAAAY early. I do this for several reasons; 1. because Christmas is exciting 2. because it's easier to get good deals and really find something that really suits the person when you're not rushing about and 3. so I don't have to pay for all of Christmas out of one or two paychecks. Ouch! That's why the song "The Twelve things at Christmas that's such a pain to me" has "FIVE MONTHS OF BILLS!!" Yeah, that's not me. SO I've been thinking, and brainstorming, and I've figured out the perfect thing for most of the people on my list. And I've been slowly buying up the materials I'll need for them. And I discovered this awesome fabric shop a month ago, everything there is made in the USA, which I love because I like to support our own economy, AND, everything is really high quality and much cheaper than where I used to get fabrics. The only thing I DON"T like is that it caters to quilting (which is fine by me) so there are not very many big prints (for good reason) so I was searching quite a bit to find what I wanted. Obviously I can't write about it on here until after Christmas but, I"M EXCITED!! Oh, I meant to give you the address of this company. It's They have organic batting for 4 something for a crib size quilt! To compare, you can get something comparable for about 25 bucks at JoAnn's. Even the regular cheapy bags of batting is 17 regular price. Wow, I'm in love. :D

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