Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quick little craft

You've probably all seen this project before, but it was my first time and I think they turned out fabulous! So next month is my DD Kari's 3rd birthday. And we're doing Nutcracker Ballerina for her theme (what can I say? She's a fan of the classics. ;D) Anyway, so I want to have mini cakes for everyone. Almost like petit fours but maybe times 4. Around the size of a cupcake. Anyway, so I wanted some cake platters, in different heights for serving them, and I was looking online. Holy moly! Those things are expensive! So I ran to the thrift store, and I picked up two platters, for 5 bucks each, and a candlestick and a vase, 2 and 1 dollars. And gorilla glue (make sure you use gorilla glue or something like it that will bond glass or else your platters will fall apart)

Put a thin ring of glue on the top of the candlestick, adhere to the platter. Wipe up excess with a wet wipe of some sort.
Put something heavy on it to help it bond tighter. I used my scriptures. ;)
For this one, I used a vase because I couldn't find a candlestick that was the height or color that I wanted. This vase had that yucky dried dead plant crap on the bottom, but was too narrow to get to with a brush (or really, anything else) so here's a little trick I used to clean this vase. I let it soak in soapy water overnight. The next morning I put some water, and some vinegar in it, then threw in some uncooked rice. Swirl it around until it's clean. The rice acts as an abrasive and will get all that yucky stuff off of there. Make sure you let it dry completely before gluing to your platter or you'll end up with mildew growing inside it. EW.

Then let them sit overnight.
Ah! Perfection. It looks like it was always meant to be like this. And I LOVE the etching on this platter. Who would give it away??
And this one is gorgeous.
With sweet hand painted daisy's.
Perfection all for about 13 bucks total. Score!!
Don't you think they will look so sweet with these beauties on them? ;)

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