Thursday, May 5, 2011

LOTS of Easter pictures!

I know that I haven't put up Easter pictures yet so without further ado...

These little skirt things were actually part of the Easter baskets! I thought it was such a cute idea.

Jillian liked to just shake the eggs. Here she's trying to keep ahold of three. :D

Kari telling us that it's a blue shark, not an egg. lol!

She really liked these fish ones from grandma and grandpa Haueter.

Jill happy with one egg. :D

And this is the new fun game, throw all the toys....

....down the stairs.




Kari is in a "refuse to look at the camera" stage

I put her hair up in rollers for Easter sunday. She looked so pretty and grown up.

Can never get both kids to look at the same time..

I just adored their dresses. And I got them both 50% off which was a bonus. :D


  1. Cute skirts! I can't wait to have a little girl and make her cute stuff! By the way, where you friends list is on your blog, how do you get the "update" thingy? I can't figure out how to get that.

  2. Hey Elise! I'm assuming you mean the blog list of the blogs I read. If I'm right, here's how you do it. Go to your dashboard, click on design. On your blog layout, decide where you'd like it to go and click on Add Gadget in that area. Scroll down and you'll see "Blog List". Then you have to put in blog addresses, but I think there's a way to automatically put everyone that's on your current update list on your dashboard. Hope that helps!! :D And a little girl of yours would be super cute. I've got lots of girly craft ideas for ya! ;)