Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updates and lots of pictures!!

Alrightly folks, so here's what's going on at the Haueter abode:
We've been authorized a bigger house! We're so excited (especially me, since it will definitely mean an END to basement dwelling, not to mention a bathroom on the same level as my bedroom) Our pre-inspection date is June 6th and generally speaking (obviously I can't guarantee since these guys go on their own time) the time from the pre-inspection to the day they give you keys for your new house is about two weeks. Now I'd like to have everything done before the pre-inspection. I want them to walk in, look around, say everything is perfect, and leave. SO, I have some repair work to do, a little touch up painting (from an unfortunate pink splattering during the paint wars while MaryAnn was up here last year), some holes to fill, and lots of scrubbing to do. Plus we've got a family who is moving this week who will generously donate their boxes to operation "Move Across Base" (aka, me) and so I'll be starting to sort, donate, throw away and pack up our s-t-u-f-f.....Sooooooooooo excited to de-junk my life. That, to me, is the best part of moving. Ah, lightening the load of all the crap we hold on to. :D I watch the TLC show Hoarders, and it definitely keeps me motivated to keep stuff moving out my door instead of in it.
On to another good bit of news! Tyler will officially be promoted to STAFF Sergeant on 1 July. The kind of sucky part is that he missed 1 June by 139 people. SO CLOSE. Oh well. We're excited anyway. It'll be nice for him not to be the little peon anymore, although, since they don't have any new airmen the the office, he'll still be the peon there I suppose.
On a different note, the time is fast approaching of Tyler to be kicked down to AlaBAMA for 6 weeks for level 7 training for his job. So NOT looking forward to that. I'm hoping we'll be moved in and mostly settled by the time he leaves, especially since we'll be celebrating Karielle's 3rd birthday a little bit early so that Tyler doesn't have to miss it (or make her wait until September to celebrate her birthday, which would be much crappier), we've also got to figure out something for an early anniversary thing. I wanted to go see the Bare Naked Ladies (the band people!) because they're doing a concert up here (holy cow, that surprised me!) but Tyler's doing this seminar type class that literally goes from Friday 6-10, Saturday and Sunday 8-6 or 7 p.m. for three weekends in a row and that's the weekend they start. I'm bummed, BUT he'll be that much closer to getting his degree!! :D Speaking of that, Tyler did really well this semester, despite taking three hard classes. He's still maintaining his 4.0, I'm so proud of him. :D
Oh! Last thing, then I'll get to pictures I promise, we ended up having the Rainbow wet vacuum company come show their machine in our house. Now you all know I have a Dyson (which is one of the best vacuums on the market) and a Hoover carpet cleaner, and I'd vacuumed, shampooed, then vacuumed again right before the guy came over. I wanted him to not be able to get anything out of my carpet. Yeah, that didn't happen. As much more junk as my Dyson was getting out than our first little Eureka vacuum did, this thing got out two times more. And I vacuum every day, and shampoo my carpet once every couple weeks, my carpet should NOT have had that much crap in it. Anyway, me being the clean freak that I am, with little Jillian still crawling around on the carpet, we bought it. And I've been using it for two weeks now, and I STILL want to hurl every time I take the tank out after I'm done vacuuming. Yuck. All that crap in my carpet. I realize that my carpet is like 9 years old but ew. Anyway, I highly recommend them, even if they are expensive. The thing lasts forever. Like 45 years. I wanted to get the shampooing part for free (because the thing is already so expensive, I didn't want to give them more money) so I begged and pleaded and cajolled, and in one case, actually bribed (with helping them clean and organize their toy room, which I did, and it looks great now) 4 of my friends and hopefully I'll be getting that shampooer within a week or so. :D I'll let you all know, I can't wait to get more crap out of my carpet with that thing though, this house will be sparkling by the time we move.

Okay, fine, I'm done talking now. :D

My handsome hubby. :D

Now that the weather is nice, this is how we like to spend out evenings.

The girls find that "chalk bush" fascinating.

Kari showing Jill how it's done..

And Jill trying it out.

I love this picture of my happy girl.

Jillian being a cheese at breakfast.

Lol!! That girl cracks me up.

Kari's new hairstyle of choice.

The Queen of Accessorizing.

Happy girl!

Lol!!!! This face just cracks me up. I can't help but laugh every time I look at it. :D

Have a great day everyone!!!

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