Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Work in Progress Tuesday

In order to keep myself accountable (remember that resolution I made back at the beginning of 2010? Yeah, I kind of sucked at the blogging part of that, SO this is something I'm going to try. I want to put up what I'm working on, every Tuesday, for two reasons, 1. because most of you don't get to see me or my little projects so this is how I share and 2. it will motivate me to get things done quicker so you don't always have to see unrecognizable bits and pieces of projects. On that note, you all remember that paper strip quilt I wanted to try? Well, after many nights measuring, cutting and more cutting, here's what I have....

Ta da!!! (In case you were wondering, that is 48 10 inch strips of fabric, width ranges from 1.25-2.0 inches and 48 6.25 paper squares.)

So last night I glued on the middle white strip on all 48 squares (don't worry, it's not permanently glued to your fabric :D)

Kind of hard to see, but it's a very thin strip of white, it would be the only consistent placing of fabric on all the squares. A little method to my madness as it were.

And once I was finished gluing on the white, I promptly changed my mind and decided to do the strips of the lovely tea rose buds. Back to gluing! I will be keeping the white strips for a future quilt.

I think this pink and green quilt will look so sweet with this little strip of rosebuds throughout the whole thing. :D

Well my friends, that's what I'm working on. Another update in a week!! :D

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