Friday, May 20, 2011

Win! And Epic FAIL....

So I have a fail, and a win! Since I don't like that I failed, I'll talk about my success first. Plus, we ate it first so it just naturally goes in that order. ;) Okay, so we were having the missionaries over for dinner tonight. I love having the missionaries over. They will eat anything and still compliment you. ;) So I usually try new things when they come over. And we've got one that wants to be a health freak. Works for me! Last time I made a weight watchers chicken fettuccine recipe, YUM. So tonight I was in the mood for Italian. And not just any Italian, Olive Garden Italian. Yummy!! So I know I've mentioned that you can find some of their recipes online, well I tried their Venetian Apricot Chicken. Don't let the name put you off! It was fabulous! And, very, very healthy. We even had asparagus. I've been married to Tyler for almost 5 years and I just now found out that he LOVES asparagus. You got it babe! And I gotta say, when it's cooked right, it's fabulous. The trick is not to boil it for more than a minute, and once you take it out, literally put it on ice to stop it cooking. If asparagus cooks for too long it gets all squishy and bitter, yuck. Then you throw it in a saute pan with some light virgin olive oil and salt. Make it hot, and voila, yummy deliciousness. Okay, so that was my total success. It was absolutely fabulous, I recommend that recipe to everyone.

Alright, so I failed.......badly. I was trying to make this yummy looking chocolate cake from (seriously, I love every single thing about that blog)

Yeah, I don't know what happened. I followed the directions to the letter, or at least, I'd thought I had. My cake overflowed into the oven, and fell in. It was more like a giant brownie. The missionaries still wanted to eat it. And it tasted good, it just was not pretty. And no, I didn't take a picture. I really don't want to share my failure with the blog world. :( The frosting however, was amazing and I have the left over frosting in the fridge just waiting for some nilla wafers to dip in. Yum. Well, at least something good came out of that train wreck. Maybe if you tried it, it would work, I'm not sure what I did wrong. I'll have to go through the recipe again. Ah well, you can't win them all right?


  1. My friend and I just made this cake yesterday for Collin's birthday. The directions were really hard to follow {not to mention all the typos} and we think it turned out ok...{we'll eat it today}--but did you split the cake into two pans? Collin tells me the buttermilk reacts with the baking soda and that's what makes it rise... so if you poured it all into one pan {even though it was bigger} it would most likely overflow.

  2. Yeah, I did separate it into two pans, and I alternated mixing in the dry stuff with the buttermilk and vanilla mix. I went back over the recipe and I can't figure it out. Oh well, maybe I'll try the hershey cake she mentioned next time. ;)