Friday, August 27, 2010

crappy, crappy, crappy week(s)

Well okay, so I haven't been on here for awhile because, well frankly I've been having a pity party. I'm not really a fun person to be around right now and I fully understand and accept that. My grandpa is dying, and my cousin is in the hospital with bleeding in his brain. And the worst thing is Tyler is having the same symptoms and we took him to the ER last night and they said, "It sounds like a combination of muscle tension and dehydration" which is not right because Tyler is always drinking water or power ade or juice or something, I cannot accept the dehydration theory. The muscle tension is a little easier to swallow because he does sit at his desk all day and let's face it, most chairs and desks aren't built for a guy as tall as him. Anyway, so they gave him two liters of saline to "rehydrate" him, and put some benadryl and a couple other medicines in there. It didn't help his migrane (that has been constant for two weeks straight) and it made him MORE dizzy and MORE nauseous. So the final answer is this, we went to the ER, they didn't do anything but make things worse, I'm sitting here assuming the worst, that he's got a brain tumor or bleeding in his brain and I'm going to lose him too. I know that it's not that likely, but with everything else that's going on, it's hard not to think the worst. So I'm trying to talk Tyler into going back to the ER and INSISTING on an MRI. He's barely functioning right now, I can't BELIEVE his office hasn't sent him home, or to the ER. I will let you all know when we find out what's going on. But I do have some good news, most of you already know, that Tyler is now a Staff Sergent select. Meaning, he passed the test and now he's waiting for his pin-on date which will be probably May or June. You see, in the Air Force, when they're promoting people, they go by date in service NOT score. So even though Tyler scored really high, the people who FAILED their tests for a couple years in a row get to be promoted first. Sound backwards? Yeah, I feel that way too. BUT hey its the military, they're not known for being overly intelligent. Anyway, that's my little bit of good news in the midst of all the crap. Again, I'll try to keep this thing up-to-date and I'll let you know about Tyler when I know about Tyler. Later!

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  1. I'm sorry that things aren't going so well right now... Hopefully all will look up here in the none too distant future! Love you guys!