Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 9-11, pictures, rain and video

Day 9-(temples) Today I went visiting teaching and the message was about being worthy for temple blessings. I think that message was for me. I haven't been able to go to the temple since we moved up here. It's 8 hours away and I've got small children, one of which will not sleep ANYWHERE except her crib. But this message taught me that we need to go as often as we are able, and that we can work to make sure that we are worthy for a temple recommend and the blessings we recieve there. Day 10-(rain) Oh man, lots of rain today! I love the rain up here. It doesn't just drizzle, it POURS. Like lawn flooded in three minutes. I have some pictures of it. Yes, I FOUND the camera. It was in with the cereal. Wonder who put it there? ha ha!! But like I was saying, I love the rain. Everything smells so nice and everything looks greener, and it keeps the forest fires from getting crazy. Day 11 you're going to think I'm crazy but today I'm grateful for.....ELMO. Kari has learned so much watching sesame street. She'll repeat the letters and words and she loves him, so I like him. I will be happy when she's out of the Elmo stage, BUT there's so many worse kid icons she could love. Like DORA. Or blues clues, or Teletubbies (are they even still on? I hope not) Pictures!!!!

LOTS of rain

Kari "testing the waters" ha ha!!

Soaking, and she didn't even go all the way outside!

Flooded street

Kari's footprint through her sock. :D

My front yard

Kari this morning being her usual happy smilie self.

Love that mug!! :D

Kari and the rain. Enjoy!!

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