Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 12 and 13 and too much chocolate!

Day 12- Today I'm grateful for friends!! And my crafy skills. I love being able to teach something that is fun and creative.
Day 13- Today I'm grateful for yummy food recipes. Food should definately NOT be boring. For those of you who think I can't cook, check this yummyness out. It's Almost too much chocolate cake. With homemade chocolate buttercreame and homemade ganache. With fresh sliced strawberries in the middle. It was delish!

Kari cheesing the camera.

Jillian being adorable

Kari and me! She had a fever this morning so just Jillian and I went to sacrament meeting, but her fever seemed to be gone when I got home and she was her normal cheerful self!

Wearing mommy's shoes being a ham for the camera.

I love this video. Enjoy!!!

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  1. That is one fancy cake! I don't go for chocolate but I would def pick through it for the fresh cut strawberries! Yum! One of these days (years more like) I want to have a garden so I can just pick 'em when I want. Yum! And who thinks you can't cook????? All that fancy Italian stuff you made and they don't know you can cook?