Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ballerina Invites

SO....I should've done these awhile ago. Oh well. A friend of mine was sweet enough to bring her Silhouette over so we could cut out the ballerinas. I got some thick pink cardstock, the fancy damask paper, some dark grey sparkly paper and some ballerina slipper stickers (the ONLY ballerina thing I could find that I actually liked) and cut and layered. Then I took some of the left over sparkly tulle from Kari's tutu, cut it down the middle, making it 3 inches wide, and cut the strip in half, making it about 11 inches, ran my needle and thread through the middle, bunched it up and glued it on the ballerina. Super cute! I think I spent a total of 3 dollars on these. LOVE.


  1. These are SUPER cute... just make sure to keep one for Karielle's scrapbook... or, I guess, take a picture of them so that you can remember all that cute work you did!

    I'm loving it all! You must take pictures of the girls all dressed up at the party!


  2. Thanks! I actually made three extra. One for me, and then one for each grandma. I'll be putting together a little scrapbook for each since they couldn't be here(obviously). I'm glad you like them. I hope that you'll get to do all things girly soon. ;) And don't worry, my friend who's a photographer offered to take pictures so I can focus on the party. BONUS!:D I'm so excited!

  3. Ok, seriously cute invites. Truly adorable!! I love making cards and invites and all of that stuff. You did great! Oh, and I already wrote it on my calendar for Hannah! She is going to have sooo much fun!!!