Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giant tissue flowers

So I wanted to do these gorgeous Rose balls here BUT didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on the foam balls so, I decided to do these big tissue flower balls instead. Thank you Martha.

Take 8 sheets of tissue (a little pack usually comes in 9, so just pull one out) and start folding it up accordion style. About an inch and a half or so.
Find the middle..
Use floral wire to secure the middle.
Cut the tips to make a "petal" shape
Start pulling up (GENTLY) the sheets, one at a time, we'll fluff in a minute.
Make sure you're doing both sides.
I usually pull one from one side, then one from the other side like so.
Fluff it and play with it to give it the right flower like shape
On one side, I leave more open. This will be the side that you either glue tulle or ribbon from to hang from the ceiling so you can get away with it or you'll be pinning it to the wall and need that flat side.
Make a few more. :D

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