Monday, July 18, 2011

The long awaited for Ballerina party!!!!

The long awaited for Nutcracker Ballerina party!! It had a lot of twirling..
Let's not forget my PINK and silver Christmas tree (yes, I did put up my tree for 24 hours, so sue me. :P)
Each guests tutu was on the tree labeled
The candy for decorating gingerbread houses, and the white chocolate dipped marshmellows (with pink sprinkles of course!)
Some of those big tissue flowers
A few more...
The cakes on those fabulous cake platters. :D
I didn't get a good picture but the crepe paper roses are on the tablecloth and the tree.
Kiddos playing by the tree before guests arrive
Finishing up Kari's ballerina hair
Jill's adorable tutu
First thing we did was get girls in their tutu, then put glitter all over them!!
Kari's little tiara
And the back of her hair
Decorating gingerbread houses (and see at the bottom of the table, there's a bit of those roses.)

Kari licking her gingerbread. lol!!

Ballerinas watching the DVD of the real Nutcracker Ballet
Which of course leads to dancing!!!

Jill chewing on a book. :P

Girls dancing together
And generally there was a lot of twirling...
and good clean fun. Happy birthday little Karielle. Momma loves you so much.

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