Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crepe paper roses

Okay, this is a quick one because I am currently baking EVERYTHING. So. Take those party streamers (also known as crepe paper) rip them into 24 inch strips.
Crumble them up to make them look for like fabric, smooth them back out.
Start from one end and roll in a few times. Put a dot of hot glue (I like to use my cool setting on mine because then you don't burn your fingers)
Then start twisting as you roll so that it looks like a flower, not a pink cinnamon roll, I fold towards me, like this (but with two hands, this was hard to get a picture of.)
every couple of rolls, glue to keep it from falling apart. Just keep rollin', just keep rollin', just keep rollin', rollin'. :D
This is what your back should look like.
Done backside. lol!
Ta da!! Now make a million more because you're crazy like me. Muah hahaha!!
I'll bet you're as excited as me to see everything put together huh? Just TWO MORE DAYS!!! :D

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  1. You are so ambitious! Wow, she is going to have an amazing party! I can't wait to see pictures.