Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Maybe) going home!

Some of you know that we "might" be able to get a hop home on the 8th of August. There are 6 planes flying to McChord that day. The problem was that the travel guy didn't know what KIND of planes they were. They might be ones that can take passengers, they might not. We'll find out on the 25th. I'm trying not to get too excited, especially since I know the sleeping who knows where, driving who knows how and getting home who knows when is going to be a big pain in the you-know-what. Being able to go home and see family and some friends will definitely be worth it. If we can go, we'd like to spend a day around Seattle maybe seeing some friends (Anna? Kate?) my sister, going to RAM (root beer!!!!) and taking the kids around Seattle, most especially the Science Center. I think they'd both have so much fun. :D I'm super excited. I just can't wait to be in a "city" that has more than a Walmart and Freddies. :D Then heading to the Tri-Cities. I'm excited to (hopefully) see everyone!! Joy, we need to get together, it's been YEARS. Anyway, I'll let you all know when we know if they're passenger planes or not. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! :D

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  1. so, oops, I see the date has past. my defense, yesterday was the first day I felt like I could breathe through all the stress of stuff going on lately (nothing bad, just family reunions, reunions, reunions, and girls camp). But if it's not too late, you guys can always stay here! Or if you come again, our door is open, of course!