Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christmas stuff

 This is Christmas stuff, unfortunately not in order.

We have a yule log DVD that we put on every year. Audrey was entranced by it. :D

 Christmas party at church

 Kari wouldn't go near Santa
 Building Christmas trains at Lowe's build and grow clinic

 The base put on a christmas party.

 Playing with their Christmas presents

 Kari geared up to go learn to roller skate

 Massive piles of presents


 Tyler teaching Kari

 I went inside for about 15 minutes and came back to Kari doing it on her own.

 Cousin get together
 Every year I get the girls their own ornament, so that when they move out and have their own tree, they have some ornaments. The shoe is Audrey's
 This one is Kari's

 Every year I get an angel for my daughter Elizabeth who is in heaven. This is garnet, her birthstone
 Jill's pick
 I found bubble lights!!!
 We finally bought a really nice tree with three different real feel tips, pinecones, and lots of lights.
Kari being cute. :D

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