Friday, April 25, 2014

Our new (rental) house

 So on the way to church one sunday, we saw this little house for rent. We looked at it and it mostly works and was in our price range, so we rented it.
 I fell on rotted wood during the walk-through and hurt my elbow. The wood has since been replaced. I was able to twist so I didn't fall on Audrey who was in our Ergo.
 The "Stump House" in the back yard. This huge yard was a huge factor for us in deciding to rent this over the apartment. 
 Stuff getting moved in. They literally "rolled out the red carpet" lol!
 That is 2500 sq ft household amount of stuff and they're trying to fit it all in 1500 sq ft with no garage. Oi!
 She really wanted her nap.
 Cute sticker decals in Kari's room that I put up to add some cute without permanently changing anything.

 Obviously this is Jill's room. Notice some of her decorations from her party?

Both those sets of room stickers I got on Amazon.

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