Monday, April 21, 2014

Family pictures 2013

I'm aliiiiive!! Lol! And now going to be playing catch up. Get ready!

 My wonderfully talented photographer friend Teri Lynn Price took these amazing family pictures for our Christmas cards in November. I made her a dress for her daughter's birthday photoshoot (more on that in a different post) I just love how they turned out.
My beautiful 5 year old.
 My (then) 3 year old!
 She was about 7 months old.

 Love that fun Christmas cactus. I mean, you can't live in Arizona and NOT do a Christmas cactus!

 My three sweeties
 Sweet sisters.

 Pretty much my favorite picture. SO CUTE!

 Since we were getting out of the military, I also wanted some pictures of Tyler in his uniform.

 LOVE this one!!

 Daddy's girls

 Oh my heart.
Best picture ever. Thanks to Pinterest for a lot of these ideas I fed to Teri. I don't think she'd done a military photo shoot before, but she nailed it!

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