Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jillian's 4th birthday party part 1- the invite and dress

This is Sofia. She is a little princess on Disney channel. And Jillian is a little bit obsessed with her. ha ha! So when she asked me to give her a Sofia party, I happily obliged. It was super fun. And the girls all had a blast, which was the goal. I'm going to split the party/prep up into two separate entries because there is just too much that went in to it. First up, the invites!

I bought 12x12 lavender cardstock, and folded them into envelops (finished them off with a little bling of course)
Open the flap and there's that lace peaking out.
ugh, so wish I'd been able to find the lace cardstock without the darn barcode.
Open it up and there's the details!
"Princess Jillian the First is turning 4! Please join Her Royal Highness for lunch and games at 2:30 pm on Wednesday March 26 at the Hale Palace. Wear your favorite royal gown and be ready for fun!"
Top is done!
Vinyl detail
Basic dress is done. But does Alexis leave it at that? No, she definitely doesn't.

Hand beaded pearls around the scalloped hem.
Don't forget the purple sash on the underskirt!
Hand beaded glass pearls on the bodice
Pearl sash/belt thingie (I tacked it on the front and in the back and left the rest of it to rest freely on the dress)
Scattered pearls with the Hot Fix tool
Close up of those pearls (and a bit of that sash!)
Before hair and accessories.

Authentic "Amulet of Avalor" and Sofia's crown from the Disney store

I shirred the back so it was nice and fitted.
Twirl baby girl

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