Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving from Arizona to Washington-Day 1

 First leg of the trip was from Phoenix to Vegas. We were using military bases as our stopping points. Military TLF's (temporary living facility) are bigger (2-4 bedrooms with a kitchen) and they generally cost less than a 2 star hotel. Anyway, so day one was from Luke AFB to Nellis AFB, which is just outside Vegas. So we checked out the big city. And I really have no desire to do that again. Too much traffic, too many yucky billboards and creepy people with horribly inappropriate shirts handing out pornographic flyers. But some things were still pretty cool.

 Chilling in the backseat.
 The ship (that apparently has gone from a pirate fight to an inappropriate "siren seduction" fight) It was thankfully out of order so I didn't have to explain to my girls why the women were taking off their clothes.

 The Siren's ship

 The Volcano!

 Random people in costume willing to take a picture with you for money. I saw everyone from characters of "The Hangover" to Hello Kitty and pretty much everyone in between.
Architecture outside Caesar's Palace

 I was so mad. We drove in evening traffic, finally found a parking spot and then walked all the way to Caesar's Palace because I wanted to show the kids (and Tyler) the HUGE 3 story tall FAO Schwartz toy store, with a whole FLOOR of dolls and barbies. And apparently they've been out of that location for like, a decade. Awesome-sauce.
 Still loved the roof though

 Waiting for the volcano to erupt. Kari kind of freaked out. Thought the fire and lava was real and it was going to get her. But I still thought it was pretty cool.

 This girl slept a lot of the time away in the car, so she decided to be up WAY after everyone else was sleeping.

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