Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Move from Arizona to Washington-day 3

So we were stuck in Utah this day. For a couple of reasons. There was a lot of snow and roads were closed or restricted, and our deposit check had reached the bank and not been deposited due to new working hours, this was our moving money. (I cannot express how stressful this was for us.) But we turned it into a good thing. We got to hang out with my bestie Brianna and her three beautiful children, and then we were invited to dinner at Jenni James' house, (she is only like my most favorite young adult author, is the sister to a good friend of mine, and has since become a really good personal friend as well) and I was totally squeeing like a fan girl to finally get to meet her in person. She was awesome but I totally spaced taking a picture! I was so mad when I remembered. Ugh! But still, she was awesome and we had a total blast (not to mention her cooking was divine). So it was an awesome day.
 The kids were talking and laughing like they'd been friends forever.

 Crazy kids

 Hee hee! We both got each other rings for Christmas
 My bestie!
 Little miss Phoebe, I love her

 Our Sofie's :D
 Jenni was kind enough to autograph a book for my dad. She used his name as the prince in the story "The Frog Prince" because I'd won the right to submit a name in a contest several months prior. She also as used Karielle and Jillian, and Alexis in different books. :P

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