Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kari's Surgery

So for the last while (before going to see the doc) Kari has had this lump near her pelvis. It seemed to be larger at night and smaller in the morning. I thought it was like a cyst or something. Anyway, so I decided to get it checked out the same time I was taking Audrey to her 6 month check up. Lo and behold, she had a hernia! More common in males, but can happen in girls. Apparently, when a baby is developing, they develop both ovaries and testes, and then when the sexual organs develop, the testes descend for a male or the ovaries stay up for a female and the other organ is absorbed by the body before the baby is born. Sometimes, when a baby is early, the body didn't have enough time to absorb the extra organs. Karielle was born at 36 weeks and 4 days, and judging by the other babies, I really would have had another 5-6 weeks to cook in the womb. Anyway, long story short, she needed surgery before it caused problems. So I had to be at peace with my baby getting cut up. But she did great and she has recovered perfectly. Pictures!
Waiting in her half of the waiting room. (I had to include this one because of her little butt. lol!)
 She got to decorate her candy scented face mask

 Hair net
Trying really hard not to show her how freaked out I was

 The nurse was nice and took a picture (just in case something went horribly wrong)
 The hardest moment of my life as a mother was putting her on the gurney and watching them wheel her off.

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