Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Move from Arizona to Washington- Day 2

So this day our stopping point was Hill AFB, about an hour north of Salt Lake City. We made good time and were able to stop at Temple square and hang out with my cousin for a couple hours. I even say Boyd K Packer in person! I was kind of star struck. lol! Anywho, pictures. Lots of them. And please remember, these are my pictures, so please don't steal them or use them without giving me credit. Thanks. :D
 Southern Utah. St. George temple

 Saying goodbye to cactus(s? Cacti?)

 Not sure which temple this one is. Coming into the mountains though.

 Cool old mill.
 Love that fog and those snow covered mountains.
 Visitor's center on Temple Square

 The original tabernacle.

 The meeting house right next to the tabernacle and Temple

 It is said that when they were doing designs for the tabernacle, President Young said to make it like the inside of his mouth so that it bounces the sound to everyone. They didn't have microphones back then (obviously) and the way they designed this building, every man, woman and child could hear the words coming out of the speaker's mouths no matter where they were sitting.

 Cool reflection thing on the building across the street.
 Inside of the meeting house. I was loving all the details.

 This is the temple that my parents got married in 36 years ago.

 This incredible temple took 40 years to build. And there has not been another one as elaborate as this one built since, although each are build as houses of the Lord.

 The Joseph Smith building, was originally a hotel (where my parents stayed on their wedding day) but has since been converted to more of hall that is rented out for events

 The girls looking at the girl getting her bridals done.

 View from the top floor, there are two restaurants on this side of the building.

 Pretty much the coolest pic, ever
 Another bride

 The conference building.

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