Wednesday, April 23, 2014

THE move

 The week leading up to our move, we spent some time with our friends, Audrey liked their dog, Bonnie.

 Our last sunday, she carries this little doggie around in her mouth, it's adorable.

 Vanessa holding Audrey
 Vanessa's daughter took a liking to Audrey. :D

 I had so much to do the day before the mover's were going to be there, Audrey was on my back pretty much the whole day.

 Moving around carseats so we would have more trunk room the night before movers were coming.

 She thought this was so fun!
Moving day! I had the best job. lol!

 The neighbors were kind enough to watch the girls most of the day.

 We were relegated to the corner.

 The movers were supposed to take 2 days, but they were determined "no matter what" to do it in one day. They didn't leave the house until 9:30 at night, it was awful. And since we had planned on two days, we didn't have lodging for that night, so we borrowed and air mattress and sleeping bags from the neighbors (you  guys rock!!)
 Kids hanging out while we're cleaning the now empty house
 Getting Audrey to sleep in the empty house.
 the day after the move, we had Kari's surgery follow up.

  this is her "cool" face. lol!

 Hanging out at the house while we were getting the carpets professionally cleaned. Those guys were awesome.


  1. what was Kari's surgery for? very cute! Audrey is precious!

  2. Teresa, there is a prior blog entry about that two before this one. :D