Friday, April 25, 2014

Princess Sofia party-part 2

 I will try to explain things as well as I can so if there is something you'd like to recreate, you can do so.
First up, the canopy. I bought three separate shades of purple plastic table cloths. (my walmart only had one shade, so the dark purple and the lavender came from a party supply store) You need 9. Start in the center, bunch it up on one end and staple. Then you'll pull that one out and staple to the corner of the room, in whatever direction that you put it in. Spread it out as you go so you cover as much ceiling as possible. If there is some of the corner hanging down after stapling, just trim the extra away. Try to keep the drape on all of them as even as you can.
When you're finished, put something to cover it up. Tissue pom poms work nicely.

See how it covers the whole ceiling?
Balloon towers. Pary city online actually has a tutorial for these. You take two balloons and tie them together, then take two more that are tied together, and twist them together so you have a four some, then add it to the streamer string to keep them together (of course tie the streamer string to the bottom set.)

I added a cone shape (with wrapping paper) for the tower part. Some sort of posterboard would have worked better though. And then I just took the rest of the string and stapled it to the ceiling so that the bunch of 2-5 year olds running around wouldn't knock them over. I made two.
My little balloon helper
I did the streamers in a scallop branching out from the middle of the room, where the refreshment table was going to be.
Cute banner from the party section at Walmart
Refreshment table. The 3 tiered cupcake stand is actually candle sticks glued to different sized plates or platters using this tutorial from the ballerina party except instead of gorrilla glue, which left yellowish glue, I used E6000, it dries clear and works better.

 Walmart had this little Sofia banner set on clearance for kids to decorate their rooms. In fact, this is hanging in her room right now.
 Yeah, no bows, my bad.
 Here's a close up of that cupcake platter. I didn't glue the three tiers together because that would make it hard to store and they're more versatile when they're separate.
 White chocolate covered oreos.
 That floral ball was just a few sets of fake roses hot glued into a floral styrofoam ball.

 Another platter on a candle stick. And the purple flower plate was from Hobby Lobby.

 Printables from here

 Pearlized sixlets. So fun!! And the lacy cupcake wrap was from Michael's.

 lol! I love all her facial expressions.

 One handsome little prince. :D

She went to bed a happy, happy birthday girl. If there are any questions on any of these, let me know and I can do a tutorial. Loves!

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